Your Victory Will Be My Highest Priority And Obsession.

I have been drafting documents for other lawyers while working part-time from my home, including motions and appeals, for many years (I started drafting documents for other attorneys around 1995).  I have assisted many other attorneys in winning critical motions and/or appeals including many lawsuits involving millions of dollars.  But, as of April 2013, I am just starting my own Georgia appellate attorney practice drafting appellate briefs, to supplement my ongoing work for other attorneys drafting motions at the trial court level.

Why Should You Care About When I Started Or What I’ve Been Doing?

Well, since you are visiting my web page and have stuck around past the first paragraph, let me tell you.  I personally think you would be a fool to hire anyone else to draft either an important trial court motion or a Georgia appellate brief.  But since I have been working for other attorneys in a ghost writing capacity, and most of my work has been at the trial court level, I can only encourage you to carefully read about my background (and request a writing sample to judge for yourself) before you make a bad decision to hire someone else based on entirely faulty assumptions.

Georgia Appellate Attorney With An Obsession For Finding The Perfect Legal Arguments

Whenever I receive a writing project from another attorney, I pretty much immediately begin obsessing about every conceivable legal argument (or counter argument if I am working on some sort of a reply).  This starts a careful process of reading every document in the file, requesting any additional documents that I think might help, reading every case cited by the opposition, possibly reading hornbooks to get an overview of the issues involved, then diving into online research sources until I have exhausted every potential issue that might have any bearing on the outcome of your appeal.  This often includes less obvious arguments overlooked by both sides, partly because I read scores and scores of cases looking for every argument made by every other attorney in all past similar cases–all with the goal of finding any and every helpful argument that might apply to your case.

My Background As Your Potential Georgia Appellate Attorney

To date, my appellate experience in both Florida (where I just became licensed in 2012) and Georgia (where I have been licensed since 1997) has included only drafting trial court motions and replies, as well as appellate court briefs and replies, for other attorneys.  My most recent appellate project involved drafting an appeal in a very hard fought 4 party wrongful death lawsuit involving a non-slam-dunk issue with one of Florida’s largest defense firms pursuing the appeal.  In addition to drafting the reply (and reply to reply) at the trial court level, which we won, I also drafted a 50 page reply brief at the Court of Appeals level, which also led to victory (and probably was instrumental in the high priced settlement that soon followed).  I also have drafted countless numbers of motions for summary judgment and replies, motions to dismiss and replies, motions to compel and replies, motions in limine and replies, etc.  You are welcome to read multiple writing samples (which I will gladly send upon request) and encouraged to decide for yourself.

My history is that I graduated from Florida State University College of Law in 1995 second in my class.   During law school, I was hired to tutor other law students in Civil Procedure, Legal Writing and Constitutional Law.  I was also given the highest grade by a Florida Supreme Court judge and other practicing attorneys for my written and oral appellate arguments.  I earned all sorts of book awards, and was also a member of Law Review and Order of the Coif.  After law school, I worked for a couple of the largest Atlanta defense firms for about two years and also as a professor of Civil Procedure and Advanced Legal Writing for Barry University in Orlando, Florida.  For personal reasons, I shifted to drafting documents for other attorneys as an independent contractor, and have worked in that capacity on a part-time, intermittent basis for many years.  I did little advertising and really did not seek a substantial amount of trial court or appellate work.  I have worked for some of the biggest firms in Georgia and Florida drafting documents as well as quite a few solo practitioners, also in both states (primarily at the trial court level).

What Does It Take To Be A Good Georgia Appellate Attorney?

Good legal writing and research skills are obviously critical.  But, most importantly, you need to find a Georgia appellate attorney with the ability to analyze the case law and find trends that are likely to lead to winning arguments based on the unique facts of your case.  Basically you need someone who can best apply what is generally a massive amount of potential law to the facts of your case.  You also need someone who will not overlook that one teensy-weensy fact or tidbit of law that makes all of the difference.

Extensive Study And Mind-Boggling Analysis Means Everything

My unwavering goal on every legal writing project is to uncover every potential legal and factual argument that might help your case.  And I always spend the time necessary to do my absolute best to make that happen.

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